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Perennial Bunching Onion of Madagascar (tongolo maintso)

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Perennial Bunching Onion of Madagascar (tongolo maintso)

This is the perennial green onion you will find throughout the Island of Madagascar. It does not produce seeds and is propagated by divisions. Its a really versatile bunching onion that can take heat, humidity, and slightly drier conditions. In dies back 1 time per year depending on climate and puts its energy in the divisions with the green tops reducing dramatically. It then comes back much more vigorously and this is the time you can divide it. This bunching onion was collected in the Taolagnaro (Ft. Dauphin) market of Southern Madagascar and propagated at our nursery in Oakland, Ca. The Stalks are slimmer, somewhere between a chive and a welsh bunching onion.

USDA Certified Organic

Pot Size: 4in pot

Plant Size: small clump 3-6 inches tall

USDA Hardiness: Unknown (but can take heat, humidity, and drier conditions as well)

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