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Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is an attractive succulent plant has been grown since the first century for its soothing and healing effects for minor skin burns and rashes. Leaves can be broken open and the gelatinous juice applied to the affected area. Also claimed to have many health benefits when used internally, but there are studies underway to verify this and to see if there are any potential toxic effects as some studies have suggested. Now spread and naturalized in many parts of the world Aloe vera as a native species has not been found, though similar species grow in areas of north Africa. Commonly grown as a houseplant, it can also be planted in the garden in mild climates. Very drought tolerant, it also forms micorrhizal relationships that allow it to make use of otherwise unavailable nutrients in the soil. Long lived plants can grow up to 3 feet tall overtime and have tall flower stalks with airy white flowers. Can send up "pups" from around the base that can be dug up to start new plants. One of the first plants I acquired as a teenager, I feel very fortunate to have had this excellent sturdy strain of Aloe vera with me over the years treating a lot of family scrapes and burns! Hardy zones 9-11, but can be grown as a container plant and brought inside to protect from freezing in the winter.

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