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Cherimoya Seedling 3x9 in tree band

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Annona cherimola

This is an ungrafted 3 year old vigorous cherimoya seedling, great as a rootstock. Hardy to Zones 9 to 12, otherwise grown as a potted tree and brought in for the winter. Cherimoya is a broad leaved tree to 16 feet, native to Central America. The spreading arms of the trees begin low on the trunk, for all purposes evergreen but sometimes briefly deciduous.. The fruits are large, weighing as much as one pound apiece, and a mature tree of 5 or more years of age will normally bear 30 fruits or more per season. Hand-pollination increases fruit production. The flesh of the ripe fruits is cream-colored and creamy textured, sweet and delicious. Gives a nice tropical vibe to your landscape!

USDA Organic

Pot Size: Tree band 3x9inch

Plant Size:12-18 inches+ (image is of actual trees from the nursery)

USDA Hardiness: 9-11+

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