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Bush Cherries (Prunus japonicax P.jacquemontii) ZX

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Bush Cherries (Prunus Japonicas x P.jacquemontii)

A recent hybrid developed by the late Dr. Meader of New Hampshire, these montmorency type pie cherries ripen late in the summer on a small bush that is 4 feet high and wide. Very ornamental they make a great specimen or hedge, have beautiful bloom and display a rich medley of fall color. Vigorous bushes can produce up to 10 lbs per plant. Best with two different varieties for cross pollination. Zones 4-9. We offer 3 different productive and tasty varieties.

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Produces abundant small, sweet, good flavored red cherries that are eaten fresh and made into pies and preserves. Beautiful, tough, easy to grow bush grows about 8 feet around and is covered in f...